Daytime Media House AB is a Scandinavian media group mainly active within sports and betting information – within both the Business to Consumer and the Business to Business segment. The company is today the largest provider of betting information in Scandinavia and has since 1986, through the daughter company Dagens Spel, been market leading in betting information to Swedish betting shops. In Sweden the operation is run by the fully owned companies and brands Dagens Spel, Sporttjänsten, Travtjänsten, Speltjänst, Snoken and Travinfo. The DMH group companies have 35 employees in Sweden and deliver a variety of products in print, digital and through telefax.  


The customers of DMH are everything from the large gambling operators in Scandinavia – to their betting shops and the gamblers themselves. Ever since 1986 the companies within DMH has provided the market with anaysis and betting predicitions for sports and trotting. The DMH group contains of the daughter companies Dagens Spel i Stockholm AB, Travtjänsten (Sverige) AB, Sporttjänsten (Sverige) AB and Daytime Media House AS.

Travtjänsten was launched in Norway in December 2014 with focus on Swedish trotting. When we start the new year we focus on product development on Norwegian trotting. Are you the right person to lead the development? Email us your CV and information about yourself to