Travtjänsten  is the leading company of race analysis in Swedish trotting. Ever since 1996 the company has contributed to large winnings of major Swedish gamblers. The betting analysis, the interviews and the betting suggestions can be retrieved thrugh, our phone service or our SMS service.  ​ SporttjänstenSporttjänsten simplyfies and optimizes the gambler’s access to information, strategies and results. Sporttjänsten is the leading distributor in Sweden of betting suggestions on the betting products of Svenska Spel and foreign betting companies’ betting products. The betting suggestions can be retrieved through, our phone service or our SMS service.
SpeltjänstPowerful tools free of charge for everyone who wants to bet smarter. Speltjänst has covered the range of products from Svenska Spel since 1994 and served the market with relevant and unique betting information. SnokenSnoken is a telefax/e-mail service with the latest betting information. It is presented with a bet generating languague that makes the gambler aware of what he or she needs to have in mind before placing the bet. ​
Dagens SpelEver since 1986 Dagens Spel has been the market leader of betting information to Swedish betting shops. The products are generated from the range of trotting products offered by ATG and the sports products from Svenska Spel. TravinfoFor last minute betting suggestions and analysis to all nationwide trotting products offered by ATG there is Travinfo. Every telefax contains of starting lists, full ranking, analysis and interviews with horse trainers and riders.